About Our Online School

About Our Online School

Richard McKenna Charter School is the oldest virtual school in Idaho, and one of the oldest and most experienced virtual schools in the United States. Opening in 2001, under the name Idaho Virtual High School, the school was a pioneer in virtual/online education. Because of these beginnings, Richard McKenna’s Online Program is fiercely independent. Our Learning management system, curriculum, and teachers are all “home-grown” in Idaho--a rarity in today’s online education space where consolidation of curriculum, learning portals, and even teaching staff makes most virtual schools more alike than different.

Is Richard McKenna Right for You?

Richard McKenna Online School

At Richard McKenna Online High School, we cater to diverse student needs, ensuring a tailored educational experience for all.

  • Our platform is ideal for students engaged in competitive sports, offering flexibility to balance rigorous training schedules with academics. For families with traveling or team-involved parents, our online approach provides continuity and accessibility.
  • Students with health concerns find a secure and accommodating environment, while those prioritizing school safety benefit from our virtual space. Moreover, our platform nurtures creativity, providing a flexible space for self-expression.
  • For students juggling jobs and family responsibilities, our schedule flexibility empowers them to excel academically while supporting their families.

Richard McKenna is a place where individual needs are not just met but embraced, fostering growth, success, and a sense of belonging.

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