Administration And Staff

Administration And Staff

Our team of educators is completely committed to guiding our students toward success. We believe in a bright future for every student at Richard McKenna Charter Schools, and we work tirelessly to help them unlock that future. Please take a moment to become more acquainted with our talented faculty and staff, and be sure to contact them with your questions or concerns.

Jon Wood


Kim Flick

Special Education

Ext. 1102

Dennis Wilson


Irene Garza

Registrar/College and Career Advisor

Ext 1103

Leticia Moyett

Registrar/Academic Advisor

Ext 1104

Angela Robinson

Registrar/Academic Advisor

Ext 1006

Jessica Morrison

Business Manager

Karyli Peterson

Testing Coordinator

Erin Hartman

Marketing and Communications

Kylee Bendorf

Teacher - Biology/Sr. Project

Keelie Campbell

Teacher - Health/Sr. Project

Marika Clough

Teacher - English

Lane Durtschi

Teacher - Earth Science/Zoology

Gig Grubb

Teacher - Social Studies

Kelly Harwood

Teacher - English

Brooks Hill

Teacher - Social Studies

Scott Jacobson

Teacher - Chemistry

Kelli Jasper

Teacher - Geometry

Luke Kelsey

Teacher - Social Studies

Lane Kirkland

Teacher - Social Studies

Kristi McBride

Teacher - English

Mark Peterson

Teacher - Math

Anna-Marie Robertson

Teacher - Economics/Personal Finance

Robby Sauer

Teacher - Government

Jeremy Sayer

Teacher - Physical Education

Anne-Lorraine Smith

Teacher - Music Appreciation

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