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Welcome to our testimonials page, where the spirit of Richard McKenna Charter School comes alive through the voices of our community. Back in 2001, when we started as the Idaho Virtual High School, we had a dream: to redefine online education. Today, we're the oldest virtual school in Idaho and one of the most seasoned in the nation. Our approach is refreshingly independent, reflecting our commitment to innovation and personalized learning. Join us as we share the stories that make our online program so special.

Dan Denning's Son traveling

I cannot praise Richard McKenna Online High School enough for the flexibility and support they have provided for my son. As a parent with a unique custody arrangement where my son travels throughout Europe, it was crucial for us to find a school that could accommodate his schedule. Richard McKenna not only allowed my son to continue his education while on the move, or back in Idaho with his mom, but also provided him with a high-quality curriculum and dedicated teachers who go above and beyond to ensure his success.

The online platform is user-friendly and interactive, making it easy for my son to keep up with his coursework no matter where he is in the world. The teachers are always available to answer questions and offer extra assistance when needed, ensuring that my son never falls behind. Additionally, since coming to RM my son has received A’s and will be graduating early due to their amazing curriculum & staff!

Overall, I am beyond impressed with Richard McKenna and would highly recommend it to any parent looking for a flexible and supportive educational option for their child. Thank you to the entire staff for making this experience so positive for my son.

- Dan Denning

Dan Denning's Son traveling

Richard McKenna online highschool came highly recommended to our family by St. Luke’s school rep. Mr. Carr. Our oldest daughter was a two time cancer survivor by early 2020 when Mr. Carr recommended we enroll her online at Richard McKenna. In person school had become too strenuous for her physically and mentally. Going online opened her world to the kind hearted teachers, counselors and staff she needed to succeed and ultimately graduate .

In the year to come we ended up enrolling two other daughters close in age who unfortunately also struggled with rare family medical disorders, one being a muscle disease where she struggled to walk the halls of the highschool in long stretches and the other with a neurological disorder causing extremely painful migraines and vision problems. The oldest girls have since graduated, we have one daughter with a couple weeks left until she completes senior year.

Never have we experienced such ease of accommodations with 504 plans in place like we have with Richard McKenna. We cannot express our gratitude enough for the support that Richard McKenna's staff has given all the girls.

Our family is forever grateful and appreciate the opportunity to be able to express this openly. Thank you.

- Mimi Burger

Dan Denning's Son traveling

Richard McKenna Charter school has been the biggest blessing the past few years. In 2020, as we all know Covid made it so that all schooling was online. I had wanted to do online for the majority of my life because all I wanted to do all day everyday was hang out with my horses, so when Filer High School went online I was so excited. In 2021, I decided to stay online and try the public school offer of continuing online education. It did not work. My teachers and I ran into so much conflict. My mom and I searched everywhere to find a new school and we came across Richard McKenna. In 2022, my mom and I enrolled me and ever since then I have been a student at Richard McKenna Online Charter School.

Being a student at this school allows me to have so much more freedom with life. I get to travel wherever I want, I get to ride my horses, I get to continue to reach all of my goals, and the most important thing is my anxiety has calmed way down. The teachers and Richard McKenna are so understanding, they are very flexible, and they are willing to help in every way possible. I have never once had issues with them. As a senior getting ready to graduate, I think back on my years of highschool, and I cannot imagine going to any other school.

If you or your kids want to go online… go for it. It’s the best choice I ever made.

- Adyson Wright

Dan Denning's Son traveling

I chose Richard McKenna online school because:

  1. The teachers are amazing and super helpful
  2. I love taking 2 classes at a time and being able to work on my own time and get ahead.
  3. I don’t have to wake up early.

- Payton Blodgett

Dan Denning's Son traveling

I cannot begin to express my gratitude for Richard McKenna Online High School. My daughter had struggled with school for many years and it was taking a huge toll on her mental wellbeing. As a mother I felt helpless as to what to do for her. I knew she needed to stay in school, but it was also the source of so much pain for her. We tried a few things to help her stay in public school, but between her learning style and anxiety she was not able to thrive. Unfortunately at one point the thought of what could happen if we kept pushing her to attend and “tough it out” was scary. We had to do something. Thank heavens we were able to find Richard McKenna. The flexibility and style of learning was perfect for her. Within a week I had my daughter back! The light in her eyes returned. She started singing silly songs again like she used to years ago. I was filled with tears of pure joy and gratitude. The teachers and counselors are beyond compassionate and helpful. I feel like everyone there truly cares for me and my daughter. After seeing her sister come back alive and grades rise, my other daughter signed up as well. Same results…grades up, anxiety gone, confidence returned, and peace in a mother’s heart. Without hesitation I can say that this school saved my daughter’s life. 

- Zan Taylor

Dan Denning's Son traveling

I chose Richard McKenna Online High School because I fell in love with showing Reined Cowhorses. I wanted to go to some of the major shows but they're all during the school year. Richard McKenna online has given me the opportunity to travel and follow my dreams while also keeping good grades. I've been able to travel to Utah, Montana, Nevada, Wyoming, and even Texas and still keep up on my school work.

- Bailey Hurst

Dan Denning's Son traveling

I chose Richard McKenna for my son due to the amazing staff, taking two courses at a time allows for more focus and attention resulting in better education and grades, and overall experience.

- Jessica Miller

Dan Denning's Son traveling

I chose Richard McKenna because the two courses at a time fit in better with her learning style.

- Shannon Smith Blanchard

Dan Denning's Son traveling

I chose Richard Mckenna High School online because it allows me to work my two lovely jobs without it interfering with my schedule. The teachers are such a delight and help you whenever you need it. I appreciate everyone in the program. It helped me graduate faster as well.

- Briana Villegas

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