Summer Courses

Summer Courses

Richard McKenna Charter School’s Online Program offers summer school courses. Students who enroll in the Summer School program must have completed the 9th grade, be younger than 21 years old, and qualify as an at-risk student as defined by Idaho State Code. Students can earn up to 2 credits during the summer school program. Summer school begins the 1st Monday in June. Please contact your academic advisor for more information.

Non-Richard McKenna Students Enrolling in Summer Courses

No transcripts, 504/IEP records will be requested from local school districts for non-Richard McKenna students taking summer courses. It is the responsibility of the student to communicate with teachers about any necessary accommodations and to work with counselors at their local school district to ensure the courses taken fulfill graduation requirements. 

To qualify as an at-risk youth is any secondary student grade nine through twelve (9-12) must meet the following requirements:

Any Three Items From This List:

  • Has repeated at least one grade.
  • Has absenteeism that is greater than ten percent during the preceding semester.
  • Has an overall grade point average that is less than 1.5 (4.0 scale) prior to enrolling in an alternative secondary program.
  • Has failed one or more academic subjects in the past year.
  • Is two or more semester credits per year behind the rate required to graduate or for grade promotion.
  • Has attended three (3) or more schools within the previous two (2) years, not including dual enrollment.


Any One Item From This List:

  • Has a documented or pattern of substance abuse behavior.
  • Is pregnant or a parent.
  • Is an emancipated or unaccompanied youth.
  • Is a previous dropout.
  • Has serious personal, emotional, or medical issue(s).
  • Has a court or agency referral.
  • Demonstrates behavior that is detrimental to their academic progress.
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